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How GetMyCat works:

We use our Lost Cat Questionnaire to obtain details about your missing catBeautiful Cat situation. We then provide you with an instant customized Find My Cat Plan. Your personalized plan will layout and explain the best recommendations we believe will lead to you finding a cat. When browsing the GetMyCat website, you will find an abundance of lost cat recovery information including innovative search services, success stories, blog posts, expert articles, etc. If you find yourself typing into google questions like “I can’t find my cat”, “I lost my cat“, or “Help me find my cat” then GetMyCat is the right place for you.

Each of our services have a specific application to aid in your search:


Pet Amber AlertA Pet Amber Alert is the most immediate message that will reach a very large perimeter of people very quickly.
Lost Cat PostcardsOur Lost Cat Postcards will get the word out and provide a personal visual/physical reminder about your missing cat.
PDF Flyer templateProfessional Lost Cat Flyers & Lost Cat Posters ensure you are making an impact on every passerby.

Create a Lost Cat Recovery Pacakge by combining GetMyCat’s Missing Cat Search Tools.

Check Out Our Lost Cat Flyer Section Our Professional Flyers and Posters ensure you are making an impact                                                on every passerby.

Use a Pet Amber Alert to Find Your Missing CatOur Pet Amber Alert is the most immediate message that will reach a very large                                    perimeter of people very quickly.
Mail Postcards to Find a CatOur Lost Cat Cards will get the word out and provide a personal visual/physical                                    reminder about your missing cat.

Combine Expert Services to Recover a Missing CatOr, go with all our broadcast strategies using one of our Package Deals.


If you don’t know what to do and want some advice, we’re here to help. When you’re thinking, “Please, just help me find my cat!” then simply contact us. Call us, send us an E-mail or live chat us below! We make ourselves available to help you determine the most effective steps on how to find a lost cat. We are happy to assist you with any questions and specialize in answering the question we hear all the time, “how do I find my lost cat?” We will promptly provide you with a lost cat search plan that is designed to help you in your missing cat situation.


GetMyCat has also developed a national database of pet detectives, pet psychics, and experts that can advise on your lost cat situation. Additionally, we have a detailed lost cat resources section with instructions on what to do in almost any scenario.


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We specialize in helping others find lost cats.

1. Stay calm.
2. Know your particular situation.
Our Lost Cat Web site and Experts will help you answer the overwhelming question:
What do I need to do to find my cat?
3. Use our Lost Cat Questionnaire to help you create your “Find Lost Cat Plan.”
4. Take appropriate action.