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Our Missing Cat Recovery Services are
Designed to Optimize your Cat Search By
Getting Your Neighborhood Involved.
A critical step in every missing cat search.

When your cat is missing, the first thing you need to do is calm yourself and assess the situation
Try to put things into cat perspective. Search anywhere and everywhere in and around your home. It is typical for missing cats to be discovered days or weeks later in a hiding spot where they became trapped.After you have thoroughly searched and you conclude that your cat is in fact missing, the next important step is to report the missing cat. You need to contact Veterinarians, Animal Shelters and the people in your community. The innovative services below are designed to do that for you in an effective way that couldn’t be done alone. The majority of cats lost and found are a result of adequately performing these two crucial steps.



Report Your Cat To The Community

Each of our missing cat services offers a unique tool to expand your cat search:


Have professional lost cat flyers and posters made

Flyers and Posters

Have professionally made lost cat flyers and posters delivered for free to your house… the same day you order them!

Flyers and posters are an essential part of any missing cat search. Ensure you are getting the most attention from your flyers and posters with GetMyCat’s professional service. Learn more and get started.



How To Get A Cat Back With a Pet amber alert

Pet Amber Alert

Instantly broadcast an alert to your neighbors from 250-10,000 properties around the location of your lost cat.

Cats wander, often miles away. Quickly covering a lot of ground is important for finding a missing cat. A Pet Amber Alert does this in minutes. Almost immediately get the whole community involved in your cat search. Learn more and get started.


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Lost Cat Postcards

Quickly have hundreds or even thousands of postcards containing your cat’s photo sent to neighbors.

Our lost cat postcard service canvases neighborhoods with a physical reminder to keep an eye out for your lost cat. Learn more and get started.


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Lost Cat Recovery Packages

For best results, combine a Pet Amber Alert, Missing Cat Flyers, and a Lost Cat Postcard blast with one of our successfully proven packages. Learn more and get started.